Interview in The Sunday Tribune, India

Q&A with Suparna-Saraswati Puri

BORN in the idyllic environs of Siliguri, the Dhiren Bhagat and Chevening Young Print Journalist, who dodged school books for playing badminton, ran the course of an enthused media aspirant with national dailies. He established his credentials as an academic with a Masters in Anthropology of the Media and a doctorate from SOAS, London, it is Somnath Batabyal’s dexterity to traverse media, scholastic expanse and fiction writing that lends him a distinguished mien. The author of The Price You Pay hailed as an “unputdownable crime thriller”, engages his time and interest with varied forums of writings that include his weekly column titled Nomad Notes in The Sunday Guardian, blogging for Sacred Media Cow (an online collective of media theorists) and lecturing at SOAS, while conceiving his next work of fiction. In an exclusive interview, author Somnath Batabyal reflects upon his appetite for crime and his first novel.


Read full interview here


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